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Children’s occupational therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on the everyday activities or ‘occupations’ in a child’s life that allow them to join in, learn and play. When children and young people struggle with the skills that their peers do automatically, it can affect their behaviour, emotions and engagement.
Occupational therapy can help address:

  • Barriers to learning such as perceptual and motor skills, handwriting, organisation and attention
  • Self-care including dressing, eating, using the toilet and sleeping well
  • Leisure activities such as hobbies and joining in with sports
  • Sensory processing preferences and reactivity
  • Self-regulation to learn to identify, monitor and adjust responses appropriately

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How we work

Full Occupational Therapy Assessment

An occupational therapy assessment is essential in understanding the factors influencing any difficulties the child or young person is experiencing in their participation at school or home. It is also important to establish a baseline to measure progress and outcomes.

Our assessment is holistic and views the challenges your child faces within the context of their social and physical environment and always with the ultimate goal of increasing their participation in activities they value. Assessment includes a mixture of standardized and informal measures dependent on your child’s needs and can be spaced over a few sessions if this is preferable.

Goal Setting

Planning is key to successful treatment and is a collaborative process where we work together to set goals that are achievable and meaningful to the young person and their adults. Goals are reviewed and adjusted regularly. 

Report & Recommendations

A report is always included and is a powerful tool in enabling those supporting your child to fully understand their needs and goals. It forms an essential part of the EHCP and has clear recommendations designed to be easily be incorporated into the home and school day.

Therapy intervention

This is personalised to your child or young person’s needs and can be at home or educational setting or clinic/ gym by arrangement. Sessions can also be on line, where appropriate .

Review outcomes

Occupational therapy is a dynamic process that adapts and evolves with gains made. Goals are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are still meaningful and that the intervention is addressing them as planned.

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