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JASS and FCRJ Joint Movement Builders School

Movement Building Schools

Feminist Movement Builders Schools

In 2023, we collaborated with JASS to run the first feminist movement building school for Latin American activists. The gathering brought together 15 social movement activists from across Latin America and Mesoamerica organizing at the intersection of feminist, queer, anti-Black, and Indigenous struggles. Through the FMBS, participants examined racial justice through an anti-capitalist, feminist lens to generate collective analysis and knowledge across their diverse contexts. Using a combination of grounded feminist theories and a feminist popular education approach, FCRJ and JASS deliberately developed an inclusive space for inquiry and reflection, fostering solidarity and trust among participants. Many participants found this environment to be a rare and special one, where they could authentically bring their “full” selves and open up without fear of judgment. Others valued what Mesoamerica sisters refer to as “critica amorosa,” the practice of constructively challenging each other with love to deepen connection and understanding. The school provided an opportunity to co-create a methodological approach that explores racial justice from a transnational perspective. This pilot offers valuable insights that will inform further development and refinement in the future.

Read from the participants: Challenging Borders and Building Collective Possibilities  

Read about the school report in English and Spanish 

Apply for the 2024 school here