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FCRJ offers bespoke consulting services. We place a strong emphasis on working in partnership with our clients. In doing so, we seek to balance the client’s interests and understanding local needs and practices as central to building the ownership needed to achieve lasting change.

Our Commitment

We are interested in championing unconventional solutions to problems. We are honest with our clients to ensure that we get to the real issues and offer practical recommendations.

We honour local voices, respect collective agency and recognize that these are essential to sustaining dialogue and building consensus for transformative change.

We aim to deliver value to clients. This means that we ask difficult questions about the client’s operational environments, approaches and ethos.

We are responsive to fluid work environments and adapt to contextual dynamics

We are committed to contributing to equitable and transformative societies. This means our work is always ideologically grounded.



Undertake commissioned research across areas of our expertise drawing on our inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary research skills. Our goal is to ensure that the research outcomes speak to multiple audiences and achieve intended impact.

Strategy development

Support organisations to review and develop new strategic directions. This includes a review of thematic, programmatic and policy and advocacy strategies as well as programme assessment, monitoring and evaluation and organizational audits.

Process facilitation

Experience in facilitating and guiding diverse teams towards agreed outcomes. This includes managing processes geared at conflict management amongst groups